compilation in support of Beirut


XquisiteForce.collection/01 was released on Sept,4 2020 in support of the people of Beirut.

Buy -  https://sfx-space.bandcamp.com/album/xquisiteforce-collection-01

All proceeds from sales of the compilation will go directly to two organisations in Beirut: Haven for Artists -who focus on supporting migrants, women and LGBTQI people- and Beit El Baraka. In the wake of the explosion on August 4th, which has compounded already-dire social and economic problems in the city, these two organisations are providing food and shelter and financial, medical and psychological assistance to those who need it most.

The compilation is a direct outcome of the open, collaborative audiovisual project XquisiteForce.AV that we have been developing since March 2020, and which is still ongoing as we speak.


Artwork by Nick Teeple
Graphic design by Alessandra Leone
Mastering by Ingrid Loftsgarden at Greenhouse studios, Reykjavík
Curation and coordination by Zoë Mc Pherson

CDM / BizaarBazaar / Tight / Ma3adef / Ins-rt / RA / The Ransom note / FACT / VF

Artist                                                                                          Track title

Aho Ssan    Ondl
Bonebrokk    Lightning
Ciarra Black    Subject B
Désir d'enfant    Je veux bien que tu m'arrêtes
Flore    Peninsula
Forces    Xquisite Force
Glass    multi.
Gramrcy    No Borders Superior
Holy Similaun    VEETCH
Hulubalang    Cerca
John Object     Strange Cares
Katie Gately    Dead End
Klahrk & Ship Sket    Digital Death Mask
KMRU    Nuada
Luke Lund    Nowness (Traction)
Simon Grab & Zoë Mc Pherson feat. Dali de Saint Paul    Hayati
ZULI    Cipher


Sound - Flore
Video - Nick Teeple


Sound - ZULI
Video - Sam Wiehl