[SF03] Grounding in outer space
Alessandra Leone & Zoë Mc Pherson


released November 20, 2020


An inner cinematic journey : sweeping tides reverberating into stellar spacecraft maneuvers.
A dreamspace dedicated to orbital resonance, to silent - yet not muted - movement.
It is an invitation to find power through rest, as an act of resistance.

Grounding in outer space invites us to decolonize our minds and imaginations, unlearn and relearn, think of possible futures, heal and find our best before the next movement.  While soaring through space, a tale of tales of hypnotic forms resonates; night and day merge into one another.

It all starts with closed eyes, watching inward the life of dreams: fragments of memories, fantasies and paradoxes. As the ground shrinks and condenses, clusters of sparkly dots appear and flow away, as a tide.

I was disembodied at some point, I remember,  and all around were translucent obsidian rocks and the flow of volcanic glass. Calmly abstract and fully formed at the same time, vague but still crips and vivid.

Before the tide’s return, I had tasted all colours of this dream,  and the final flavour faded as it spread.

- Alessandra Leone