[SF01] String Figures
Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone


String Figures is a trans-global art project based on the ancient and current practice of Cat's Cradle.
A transmedia work in 7 chapters bringing together sound, film, choreography, 3D and macrophotography.
String Figures is an audiovisual album, a live performance, and vinyl+digital releases SF01 & SF01RMX on SVS records.

Check out the full project stringfigures.persona.co

Awards & Reviews


Vimeo staff pick / Nowness / Best music video at Berlin Independent Film festival
Best experimental video at Berlin Music Video Awards / Rome independent prisma awards / Finalist at Aphrodite Film Awards /
Open World Animation Festival Beyond the Beyond section / Trax magXLR8Freq The Electronic North
A Closer Listen / Booooooom / Tiny MixtapesThe Tung / Musicmap Global / Chain DLK / The Arts Desk 

i. sabotage story (unknot opening)

ii. deep (prayer)

iii. shaman (how I became) ~ inuït legend

iv. komusar (moving)

v. hardingfele (release)

vi. inouï (and free)
vii. transmission (so it shall never be lost)


Congas, bendir, repique, metal plate in 1, 2, 3, 4 performed live by Falk Schrauwen – Bass, tenor saxophone in 1, 3 performed by Sam Comerford, recorded by Jérémy Michel at Lowmansland studios, Brussels, Belgium – Bass cicada in 1 recorded in Bandung, Indonesia – Sync hoofs by two horses, recorded on Heybeliada island, Turkey – Dung Chen, Gya Ling, Bub Chel in 1 performed by unknown, recorded by unknown in Tibet – Lyrics on 3 inspired by the story of Ava and Niviatsiaq collected by Knud Rasmussen in 1922, Arctic Canada – Muralag folk tale in 4 sung by Made Paul, collected by W. Laade in Western Torres Straits, South Pacific – Bees in 4 recorded in Drôme, France – Katajjait, Assalalaa in 6 sung by unknown, recorded somewhere in the Arctic circle – Processed throat singing in 6 performed by Maxime Demartin, recorded in Brussels, Belgium – Processed Hardingfele in 7 performed by unknown, recorded in Bergen, Norway

All other instruments by Zoë Mc Pherson
Written, recorded, performed, and produced by Zoë Mc Pherson
2, 3 co-arranged by Falk Schrauwen and Zoë Mc Pherson
Mixed by Jérémy Michel at Lowmansland studios, Brussels, Belgium
Mastered by Rashad Becker at Clunk studios, Berlin, Germany
String Figures audiovisual album directed by Alessandra Leone and Zoë Mc Pherson
Artwork 3D by Andreas Barden, Design by Paul Putzar
Produced by Zoë Mc Pherson
Distributed by SVS records
Grateful thanks to Ale, Marine, Gillie, Thierry, Julien
Dedicated to Nana and Olga (so it shall never be lost)

Direction, editing - Alessandra Leone
Concept, co-direction - Zoë Mc Pherson
3D animation - Andreas Barden, Andreas Martini, Moritz Reichartz
Production - Silvia Procopio
DoP - Julian Moser
Focus Puller - Nils Koppenbrink
Costumes, Accessories - Raki Fernandez, Benu Berlin, Siff Pristed
Prop Designer - Terril Scott
MuA - Nóra Belovai
Hairstylist - Krisztiàn Berki
Choreography - Hen
Dancers - Hen, Ichi Go
Color Grading - Lutz Forster
Set Photography - Dario Jacopo Laganà
Produced by Zoë Mc Pherson
Thanks to the support of the flemish region