Resources & Links

Here is non-exhaustive & growing record of links to initiatives, ressources, blogs, networks and communities we support, recommend or/and work with :

Platforms, networks, organizations, labels

Savy Contemporary

Studio DB, wedding based rental studio and cultural hub

NYC based research studio focusing on unique resonant aesthetics / independent music platform & label

Edited Arts, London based platform for artists and musicians

Genot center,
Prague based label and community

Big Dada, as a label run by Black, POC & Minority Ethnic people for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists Working to amplify Black and racialised artists voices, Big Dada looks to shift the narrative around this music, bypassing stereotypes to allow and encourage freedom to express oneself for who they are and want to be.

Meine nacht, record label ✢ secret events

RWDFWD, Shop // Distro // Vinyl // Tapes // Clothing // Bristol >> Worldwide

Syrphe, platform & huge database focusing on music and events in the field of electronic music, noise, avant-garde, contemporary classical, electro-acoustic, industrial, experimental, sound art (...) specially from Africa and Asia but not exclusively

SVS Records


Radio Alhara

Callies Berlin

Resources, writters, magazines, researchers, etc.

Black Bandcamp, a crowd-sourced list of Black artists on Bandcamp

Dweller writings from a black perspective, digital library on the history of techno


Jean Hugues Kabuiku, Technomaterialist, Cultural Critic, Multidisciplinary Agitator

Camille Barton, interdisciplinary artist, educator and embodiment researcher, who uses afrofuturism to imagine creative interventions towards systems change

Tight, Kiev based curated platform for contemporary music and visual art

Resources addressing black women / people for mental health & empowerment

Sunu Journal, Journal of African Affairs, Critical Thought + Aesthetics, independent, Pan-African, post-disciplinary, global, multimedia platform

Berlin based organizations & communities

Refuge Worldwide, Berlin based community “started as a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organisations. This year we launched Refuge Worldwide, a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that we care about

AEQUA, community for social equity

Gladt, organization of black and PoC lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*, Inter* and queers in Berlin

Women in Exile, Brandenburg based asylum Seeking Women organising and empowering themselves

Berlin collective action exists to give support and aid to those most impacted by risk and violence in Berlin, as a result of COVID-19 and its egregious economic aftermath.

...and many more.