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SFX is a boundary-pushing A/V-focused label run by multimedia artists and long-time collaborators Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandra Leone.

The imprint’s foundation was built on their collaborative work on the immersive audiovisual album String Figures [SF01].

Since its inception in 2020, with rhythmically complex States of Fugue [SF02], SFX has released an ongoing collaborative audiovisual composition featuring 43 visual and sound artists, A/V piece Grounding in outer space [SF04], and a vinyl 12" Oscillate and Shimmer [SFX01] from Klahrk amongst others. The collaborative composition, titled XquisiteForce.AV [XF.AV], was presented as part of Berlin's CTM Festival in 2021 as a virtual digital exhibition, sidestepping restrictions with an innovative 3D environment. Another direct output of this kaleidoscopic project was released as a compilation XquisiteForce.collection/01 [XF.01] in support of the people in Beirut.

In 2022, SFX embarked on an ambitious event series in collaboration with a brand new queer-owned club bULt in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city, to invite musicians and designers to perform and hold workshops.